Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thing 5: Reflective practice

Well, it's a been a while! I'm a bit behind on the 23 things but I'm determined to catch up. I have been thinking about this post over the last few weeks and reflecting on what I've learnt so far and how the process is going.

I've enjoyed being more focused about how I use the tools I was already using such as Twitter. I found storify a really useful tool and my comment on UKLibChat was included in their storify about Library spaces and space management This has certainly made me more aware of the significance of tweets. I have felt in the past that tweets are passing comments but a tool likes storify groups and archives those comments so they can be read beyond that moment and by people not even on Twitter. Quite a scary thought and worth remembering!

I'm still not finding the time to read as many blogs as I'd like. I think I need to be more disciplined about this and schedule time every week for it. This is also true of doing the 23 things. I'm in the habit of going on Twitter but I'm not in the habit of regularly reading blogs or writing posts. I'm going to set aside half an hour every day for CPD and once I've done it then I can get on with other things without feeling guilty. I've got a busy time ahead with work and family commitments, so it is going to even more important to be disciplined.

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